Saturday, December 1, 2012

To the Market, USQ!

Craft fair!
This year was the same: make great plans to make lots o'stuff but ending up scrambling to fill the shelves.
Okay, not really.
Filling the shelves this year wasn't so hard:

Most of my work consisted of stuff from the art fair I did this summer and all my old work that was sitting around collecting dust.
Sort of a retrospect of sorts as I had pots I made like ten years ago!
Like back in another life!
The day started off pretty well as I sold some bowls and other things but after lunch it slowed to a trickle.
Less than a trickle even.
Okay, not even a trickle.
I sort like the sound of that word.
Still I did okay for sitting around on a Saturday.
The bad thing of not doing so well is that you gotta pack all that stuff back up and bring it back.
To where ever you are going back to.
Which right now is up in the air.
Yes that's right shopping fans!
I am embarking on the Ultimate Shopping Quest(USQ!)!
The Flat Tire Central Command Center(FTCCC) is moving!
Sort of like a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital(M*A*S*H) without the surgical hospital part.
Okay, and without the army part too.
So just the mobile part except the FTCCC will only be mobile once.
So anyways, I was tying to get rid of as much of my old stuff as possible cause you know what they say: you can't take it with you.
Or something like that.
The USQ has already started and you will not believe what I've found.
More on that later.
Lemme tell you the real estate market here is hot, hot, hot and I'm a shopping, shopping, shopping.
Or at least looking, looking, looking.
If you know what I mean.
Oh yeah baby.
The Ultimate Shopping Quest is on!


rlove2bike said...

Good luck with your shopping. You are very talented. I made an ashtray once...oh and a lopsided coffee cup.

Thanks for the post,

limom said...

rlove2bike, I smoke, but I've never made an ashtray.
I don't know why.