Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thank You Governor

That's who we play tonight.
Okay, with an 's' as in Governors, my old school.
What I really need is a governor.
For my cameras I mean.
At least that's what I'm thinking as I sit and eat my lunch:

Some turkey and mashed potato goodness!
Oh yeah.
Did I tell you the reason I became a teacher is school lunch?
Anyways, we had a volleyball game on Tuesday and much like the football game two of my students managed to melt the flash cards in their respective cameras.
Okay, not quite as many pictures as football, but close.
Seven hundred shots.
Three hundred of which are all bad cause sometimes after warm ups she inadvertently set the shutter speed at one eightieth of a second so everything after that is like looking through a Coke bottle.
The other four hundred shots ain't so good either but they were both new photography students so I guess I can't really blame them.
You know, what they lack in skill they make up in effort.
That's a good thing.
I didn't take too many shots, instead I was making sure they didn't like wander onto the court or anything, but I did manage one picture I like:

I'm gonna try and slow down the shutter a bit to blur the ball rolling back and forth in front of me.
I also fooled around a bit with that image in Photoshop:

Anyways, as I said earlier we're at it again tonight.
Only this time I'm going to make them take like single pictures and not just hold down the shutter and pray and spray.
I wish I could put something on the camera so they can only take like one picture a minute.
Or maybe one picture per hour.
Or something.
The way they're going my camera is going to be like worthless in a about two months.
Well, as long as they are learning something.
Hopefully they'll do better tonight.
I'll be eating a chicken dinner.
So we better win.
If you know what I mean.

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