Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Lied

I just can't help myself.
No really.
I can't.
More on this later.
So I got the go ahead for the bicycle club thing.
Now what?
I mean do we just ride around and look pretty?
Image is everything.
Don't you know.
Then again since we're all official and all that it seems we got some responsibilities like community service and all that.
More on that later too.
Seems I'm not exactly a good role model.
For now I'm just concentrating on exactly what we can do to make this club thing viable.
As I mentioned before, safety is first as we cannot exactly be role models unless we ride safe.
So this week I'm gonna see about getting some helmets and hopefully some parts like brakes and reflectors.
This, coming from a dude who took all the reflectors off his bicycle.
As if the kids didn't notice.
Hey Mr. Flat! How come your bicycle don't have no reflectos?
Well you see sonny, it has to do with aerodynamics and going faster than the speed of sound...
That worked for about a minute, that is until I realized this was not a case of do as I say and not as I do.
Did I mention that I wasn't a very good role model?
Actually for the most part I ride on the safe side, but now I really gotta ride on the safe side.
Can I do it?
Not sure.
Okay, I gotta force myself to do the right thing.
Which reminds me, I gotta send in this application to USA Cycling to see if we can get some club status and some insurance coverage.
Reading up on the USA Cycling web site has given me some ideas of what the club can do, that is if they want to go in that direction.
I'm also going to contact the local bicycling league to see if they got anything for us.
On the other hand I need to see if we got anything for them.
Like in volunteer work or stuff like that.
Now I know what you, the reader, is thinking.
All that sounds really boring and regimented probably not what you had in mind when the words bicycle club were mentioned.
That's the hard part: keeping it fun.
I mean the act of riding a bicycle is pretty fun by itself but when you start adding all kinds of other stuff maybe it's not so fun after all.
Something for me to remember.
If you know what I mean.
Actually there's a lot of stuff for me to remember cause when I got into this I didn't really think it all the way through.
More on this later too.
What lie?
Oh! the lie!
Yes, I'm a big fat liar.
Sorry to admit.
Yesterday, this came in the mail:

I am a certified liar liar pants on fire!
I swear I need some adult supervision.
Some kind of blocker on my keyboard.
Or something.
Maybe some kind of support group.
Or maybe I should just give up and go with the flow.
Sounds like some good words of advice when it comes to that bicycle club thing.
Just go with the flow.


Anonymous said...

"Add to Shopping Cart", my friend, is a very powerful button.
It gets a hold of many a person.
Even you. Yes, you...

limom said...

I prefer "buy it now."
No remorse.