Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aikahi 911!

The birds were chirping and the sun was shining; what a perfect day for a ride!
Back in the saddle after nurturing the flu for three weeks, it started off as a fine day.

Crews had begun repaving this stretch of path three weeks ago and now they were finished. What a great day!
Well, actually not so great.
After my six mile warm up loop on this fine, smooth, glass like surface, I suffered a bit of dehydration induced low blood pressure syndrome (DILBPS) at my first stop.
Not a problem, I thought. I filled up on some fluids, rested a bit and went on my merry way.
The weather was a bit hot, but not too hot for these eight year olds:

This team from Waimanalo was preparing for battle.
So were the tourists. The rally point was Kailua Beach and they were invading in numbers:

I was half way around Lanikai when the Evil one rings me up.
Let's go for a ride, I say. I meet up with Evil Hoku and off we go!
We head out toward Aikahi on the wonderful velvet like surface that is now Kainalu Ave. We turn left on Kainui, and Hark! What is that novelty that appears up ahead?
The graciuos officers of HPD have put out a speed indicator.
Sprint! I say.
Evil Hoku takes off on his Allez; I give him a head start and follow.
He clocks in at twenty-nine miles per hour while my cobweb laden legs can only muster twenty seven.
We head off on Mokapu toward Aikahi Shopping Center.
Tamura's, I beg, I need a break.
Here is where it got interesting.
DILBPS reared it's ugly head. Again. Only this time, I did not recover.
Well, not right away.
I asked Evil Hoku to take pictures, but I'm afraid he was too worried about my well being to remember.
Long story short (LSS), I succumbed to the evilness on the bench in front of Tamura's and Evil Hoku had to call the ambulance. I had to keep reminding him that he was the photographer and I was the passer outer. Sorry, no ambulance pics.
I had never passed out before and I don't think Evil Hoku ever had anyone go unconscious on him before and, to paraphrase his words: start to twitch and/or convulse.
I, of course, do not remember a thing.
The kind ambulance crew, that came sirens a wailing from the fire station that's located literally next door to the shopping center, deposited my sorry ass in the emergency room as I was in dire straits.
Here is what the emergency room looked like to me:

Stuff sticking out of me

vital signs

The view from where I lay

What it looked like when I tried to raise my head

By the way, as they were wheeling me into the ER, I was coherent enough to beg them not to cut off my cycling shoes and luckily my jersy was of the full zip type.
LSS, I ended up taking a litre of saline intravenously and am fully recovered.
Evil Hoku carried his bike while riding mine to his home and met me at the ER. Stayed with me all the way.
This may earn him a reprieve from the Evil List, but only a temporary one.
I'll have to think about it.
All in all, I put in a pretty good sixteen miles today, not including the ambulance ride and the ride the maybe former Evil Hoku (MFEH) gave me from his home to mine.
So, how did your Sunday go?

I forgot to add that my RoadID (9/23/09) did come in handy though I am ordering another for I neglected to add my birthdate to it and everyone kept asking for it. I guess that's how they track you down when they send you the bill.

Just remembered that this is not the first time this has happened to me while out on a ride with Hoku (8/5/09). I may have to rethink this "Evil" thing.

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