Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Bottom Line

Okay, not really.
After digesting the numerous issues that surround the furlough days, I have to admit that I am a bit confused.
Folks have been blaming the Governor, the legislators, the unions, the teachers and even the parents themselves. The debate is on over collective bargaining, pay raises, taxes, the hurricane fund, stimulus money, Republicans, Democrats, teachers, students, parents
Part of me wants to join this debate(pick one), the other part of me just wants to do the job.
The best comments come from those who choose not to read too deep into the problem and seem to blame whomever is convenient. These are the ones that see what they want to see then blame or place responsibility on others to suit real or imaginary agendas. This type of comment of course, is the most amusing.
There is nothing amusing though, about what is happening. I believe the risks to students are real and not imaginary. Although the furlough days are spread out, it is wise to remember that the days off equate to approximately a month of instruction.
What can you learn in one month?
In one month, I could probably teach someone to drive a car, a lifelong skill. Just an example.
I was wondering why the students are being deprived of an education.
I was wondering why teachers are not considered essential workers such as police and firemen.
And I was wondering what I, as an adult, would be willing to give up so that the students could have their instructional days.
I know that I am getting sick of all the talk.
I know that something should have been done. Yesterday.
And I know(or have a pretty good feeling) that nothing will be done.
I hope I'm wrong.
Would I mind an increase in the General Excise Tax? Not if the increase went directly to education.
Would I mind if the state raised the tax on gas? Not if the increase went to education.
Would I take a cut in pay(which I already am)? As long as it kept the kids in school.
Which brings me to the question: if I am taking a pay cut, why are the kids still losing days?
Okay, I kinda sorta know the answer to that one, but it still doesn't make sense for both educators and students to lose, does it?
Now I am not going as far as to declare our education system evil, but I'm considering it.
Things are really (place your/my favorite expletive here)ed-up.
I have to say that I knew what I was buying into as far as working for the state, a union and dealing with all the bureaucracy, but I am not buying into this.
I don't care whose fault it is.
I just want someone to fix it.

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