Saturday, October 31, 2009

WARNING: Low Content

Yes, this post contains little or no content. Actually, I'm just writing to let you, the reader, in on a couple of the new entertaining features I put on the page. Well, it's really just one feature: the mileage counter. And I guess it's not really that entertaining.
Now, you at home can follow and track the amount of road time I get everyday. Checking in once a day to see how many miles I've ridden will be the highlight of your day. I promise. I tell you, it just doesn't get any better than this.
I had hoped to get in five thousand miles this year, but I don't think it's going to happen. My one month off the bike wiped out any chance at that. Now, I will have to step it up to even hit four thousand.
For those of my reader(s) who do not cycle and think four thousand miles is a respectable distance, I can tell you that it is not. Not considering I had logged thirty five hundred miles last year in six months. Well, maybe it is, taking the fact that I was unemployed for the first half of the year.
Getting back on the bike has been a bit difficult. Don't get me wrong, I still have fun. Once I actually get going. It's just a bit of a let down seeing as how my performance is underwhelming at best. Now, I am determined to do intervals at least twice a week until I get back to speed. Not heavy duty spin until you puke intervals; just some speed work that I wouldn't have normally been doing.
Oh, and I fell again today. I am embarrassed to talk about it since it was a no speed crash. My legs were cooked and I was trying to scale a mound of dirt and my legs just stopped pedaling. Thankfully, there were no witnesses so you'll just have to take my word for it.
Which brings me to a new link I've added: Art:21 (you can't pay for excellent segues like that!)
For those of you who are into art but not into PBS, it's a series they are doing that involves the changing face of art. Each season they interview contemporary artists to give the viewer a feel for how art is changing and where it's going. Give it a look, you may find something you like.
Which may be a difficult proposition when investigating new blogs. Finding something you like I mean.
I used to use the next blog function at the top of the page to check out what other people were writing and blogging about. Unfortunately, I found out about spam.
So now I use this page. It's basically a link to all updated blogs listed by time. From this list, you can actually see the spam blogs; if you like, you can report them here. Don't know if it will help, but it feels kinda good to know you are doing something.
Anyways, trying to find an interesting blog is like trying to find buried pirate treasure. You know it's out there, you just don't know where and there's no map. What makes it difficult is that everyone in Indonesia seems to update their blogs during the time I have to search.
Poetry has to be the number one blog topic. That would be great if I was into poetry, but I'm not. Which reminds me, I got some haiku I have to post up. Maybe tomorrow.
Anyways, poetry seems to dominate the bloggersphere. Next seems to be happy in love teenage girls, followed by teenage girls in angst, followed by teenage girls who are lonely, confused and don't know what to feel.
I should appreciate this for I was once a teenage girl. Okay, not really, but I used to listen to a lot of England Dan and John Ford Coley.
There are also a lot of women that craft. Also women that cook. And women with kids. And pets. Also happy in love women, women in angst, followed by lonely, confused women who don't know what to feel.
Okay, okay, I jest. Sort of. Kind of.
Check out the list.
You'll get my drift.
To be fair, most of the males that have blogs seem to be poets too. Or songwriters. Or into anime. Or filled with angst. Or just lonely.
What I don't find too often are blogs that are enormously entertaining, filled with amusing up to date content, fantastically interesting photos, mind expanding educational material, awe inspiring anecdotal features, and are exceptionally well written. And are about cycling.
Hey! Aren't you glad you found The Flat Tire!

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