Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cut Backs

Well, it seems that the union I work for has settled with the state.
To simplify a complicated story:
State has no money, projects budget shortfall, needs to cut back, threatens government workers with lay-offs.
Unions counter, willing to take days off (furlough days) in lieu of lay-offs.
Much posturing by unions and Governor. Education to take largest hit.
More posturing.
Teachers settle first, taking 17 days off this year. Parents of students not pleased.
"My" union tentatively settles, basically matching what teachers give up.
What we "give up" is an eight per cent pay cut.
Unfortunately, the students lose and I work a four day week until the end of this school semester.
Fortunately, I still have a job and riding my bike is free.
Now, I have been trying to stimulate the economy by purchasing non-essential/consumable goods.
As it is, the work of one cannot save the work of many.
So, in keeping with the spirit of furlough days and cutting back, The Flat Tire has decided to downsize it's staff of one, to one half.
As of today, only one half of the staff of one will work on writing and posting stories. Because of this staffing cut back, news and interesting stories will be posted one day late. Photos will accompany stories, but will be filed in black and white with color to be added later. Postings may be in two parts, since only half the post can be written at a time; the second half will just have to wait.
Spell check will be used on only half the postings and any links provided will not be checked for authenticity. Until further notice, numbers will not be included in text for the top of the keyboard is not accessible for use.
Flat Tire shirts will only be available as tank tops.
Despite the downsizing, The Flat Tire is dedicated to delivering it's readers the highest quality entertainment it can provide.
Under the circumstances don't you know.
Now, I just have to figure out how to cut back on eBay.

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