Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank You Gov'nor!

Okay, not really, but I did have today off thanks to the Governor.
Since Law & Order wasn't on I decided to take the Beach Bike out for a cruise. My thought was to make a run to the store just to test out the legs and the rest of me.
I ended up going a little further that I had planned.
Hoku said that it's probably not a good idea for me to be out riding at midday, but never the less at the stroke of twelve, off I went.
Maybe I shouldn't use the word stroke.
Moi, the moron, forgot my water bottle at home so I had to stop off buy some. You'd think that I had learned something from my adventure on Sunday, but apparently not.
I found out on Sunday that they are fixing up the parking lot at Kailua beach:

I guess it was time for nature was slowly taking it back. Today they were topping it off:

I wonder what happened to this dude's slippers:

Looks like they were buried there since the last time they paved the place. Perhaps they are back under the tarmac again.
I rode on over to Aikahi Shopping Center and took a break there. I tried to imagine what I looked like lying on the ground in front of Tamura's with the EMT's working on me. Must have been quite a sight.
Taking three weeks off hurt me. I'm thinking it'll take a couple of weeks to get my legs back. I was apprehensive about pushing myself hard; the memories still linger.
Tomorrow, I'll take out my other bike and go slow down.
I hadn't been on the levee in a while so I decided to do the out and back:

The levee extends out toward Mokapu for about a mile and a quarter. It borders Kawainui Marsh on one side to help protect the area from flooding:

There are little ponds that line the levee that flow out to the canal. I once saw a turtle here:

What it was doing there, I haven't a clue.
At the end of the levee is where all the ducks hang out. It was a hot day and even they were chilling out in the shade:

The Beach Bike is great. The basket rattles a bit and affects the handling some, but over all a comfortable ride:

It was strange riding around today, a day when I am usually in a classroom. Seeing all the closed schools and kids out and about was a bit disheartening.
Some of the students I know are already behind the other kids; these days off can't be good for them. I believe the above average students will find a way to keep progressing, the tweeners are the ones these furlough days are going to affect. Last time I checked, about a third of the students in one of the classes I work in were averaging Ds or below. While this is not common, it illustrates what could happen as lessons get condensed and less time is available for instruction.
I suppose until the state figures out what to do, the students will keep suffering and I'll just keep riding around.
Thank you Gov'nor!

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