Monday, October 26, 2009

Law & Ordered

No, not this Law & Order:

Though I did end up watching it when I got home. It allowed me to get that screen shot.
I'm talking about this kind of law and order:

Yep, Honolulu's finest got me coming home. He was sitting there on the top of the rise as you enter Nuuanu. With the forced off days and short paychecks coming around, this was something I didn't need:

My emotions run the gamut when getting ticketed: anger, guilt, apprehension, hopefulness, resignation, anger again, self pity, attempted validation, guilt again, reflection, sudden self righteousness, reflection again then finally realisation.
This is going to hurt my eBay exploits for at least a month.
I had to feel bad for the officer though. It must have been insanely hot standing out there in the middle of the afternoon wearing a dark uniform watching traffic go by. Oh well, that's another fine mess I've gotten myself into. Get it? Fine? Nevermind.
So I was walking The Dog tonight and noticed that Jupiter was pretty close to the Moon. I don't know what possessed me, but I had to take a picture of it.
Well, seeing as how my camera is evil and all, it took me a while to figure it out and I'm sure I still haven't. Figured it out I mean.
Conjunctions between heavenly bodies are sort of rare and in this case Jupiter is not that close to the Moon, but close enough:

It's kinda hard to see Jupiter in that photo so I labeled it for you. I also labeled the other stuff in the picture:

In another life I was kinda into astronomy; bought me a 'scope and all. There's all kind of interesting stuff out there if you just look close enough.
Which is what I should have been doing as I was coming home today.
Jennifer Connelly.
I'm doing it again(see below).

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