Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cycling is Fun

Cool song by Shonen Knife that can be found here. While you get the chance also check out my favorites Riding on the Rocket and the cover of the Carpenter's Top of the World.
Shonen Knife rocks!
That though, is not what this is all about.
Although my neck is still not one hundred percent, I had to get out and ride. Off I went with Barn Door.
There's just something about that bike: short rides turn into long ones.
I had planned to just go out for ten miles or so and it turned into nineteen. Mostly I wanted to see how my bobble head was holding up.
I guess I'll find out tomorrow.
Riding the Barn Door is sort of a wake up call for when I check my speed, it's not that far off from my regular bike. That's sort of depressing considering the Barn Door has a coefficient of drag of like a GAGILLION and it weighs about forty pounds. So while I'm slow on the Barn Door, I'm not that much faster on the other bike.
Let's face it though, on the other bike the main thing is not that I'm fast, but that I look fast.
It's all in the presentation don't you know.
Which is why it's also great to just get on the bike with just some shorts and a T shirt and cruise around.
That's the other part of cycling: just riding around without all that other crap that labels you a cyclist.
Don't get me wrong, all that spandex and lycra are the greatest things on earth to ride with, and I wouldn't leave to go on a long ride without them.
Sometimes though, while I'm out punishing myself, I look around at all the other people riding around in their regular non-roadie clothes and I get a bit jealous.
I mean they are having just as much fun as I am, right?
Makes me wonder if all these other people I see out there all kitted up ever just get on their bikes to just ride around?
Riding a bike, it's not just for exercise anymore.
Sure, I do it for the work out too, but that's not the only reason.
Case in point: the only time my brother ever takes out his bike is to "train" for something, like the Haleiwa Metric Century that's coming up. If it weren't for that, he wouldn't be riding.
Now he used to ride quite a bit, so maybe the glamour of cycling has worn a bit thin for him. I'm not sure if riding his bike is just a way of staying in shape or if he just likes to ride.
I think cycling appeals to the child in all of us.
I mean let's face it, if you aren't getting goofy on your bike once in a while you are doing it wrong.
Taking it way too serious.
Which is why I got this:

That's sort of what I feel like when I'm out riding around: a cream filled Twinkie in tight shorts.
It's also there to remind me to not get so full of myself.
Cycling is way too much fun.

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