Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Early Edition

Got up with the chickens to see the bike portion of the Lanikai Triathlon.
At first I wasn't going but then I thought, oh well, I'm already up so off I went.
By car.
Sorry, but it was still sort of dark and I wussed out.
So anyways, one of Honolulu's finest and I stood at the street corner waiting for the first guys out of the chute.
I forgot to time the first guy; he was pretty far out ahead of everybody else. Then the rest of the fast guys started to show up:

It was overcast this morning and I had the camera on manual. I took me a while to find the right settings. Pardon.
The rest of the pack was not far behind:

The Lanikai Tri is not a full length race. The bike part is only about twenty kilometers. I guess it's sort of a warm up to the other triathlons coming up.
Here's a brave soul on a single speed:

Another brave soul who rode what she brought:

I used this opportunity to try and take some "at speed" images. I didn't do too well. The bad lighting meant I had to slow down my shutter speed all of the pics were blurry.
This was par for the morning:

It's easy to see where Cervelo makes their money. There were a whole bunch of other bikes but the Cervelos were out in force.
Not that there's anything wrong with Cervelos or anything.
I'm also beginning to dig the sound of those aero wheels(oh oh!). They make a sort of "I'm coming at ya" sound that's kinda neat.
Not that I would get some Zipps or anything. Well, if they were a really, really good deal, maybe.
Okay, maybe not.
So anyways, the first guy came back around in about twenty minutes. He was probably rocking somewhere around a 25mph average speed.
Then came everyone else:

A great way to start the morning.
Breakfast of champions.


dogimo said...

I kind of like blur as an element in a photographic composition. That first pic especially is very effective!

limom said...

I was trying to freeze the rider and blur the background and wheels.
I think it was too dark and my shutter too fast.
Or I was too slow.
Or something.