Monday, April 12, 2010

The Spin Cycle

My washing machine does the spin cycle walk.
Every time I wash my jerseys, the load gets uneven and the drum does a Tahitian dance imitation inducing the machine to start waddling on the cement.
Would be quite entertaining if it wasn't so annoying.
Must get that checked out.
Sorry, but that is not what this is about.
See today is the first day I began to work out on the bike in earnest.
Of course Oscar Wilde taught us all about the Importance of Being Earnest so I won't get into that.
I will say that after today, I realized that I wasn't being earnest enough. I mean I realized that I have another gear in these old but muscularly sculpted legs.
After reading up on actually training on the bike, I figured I'd start doing some intervals. Basically they are like suicides; go like hell, rest, go like hell again till you puke or drop dead.
Well, I didn't puke and I'm sitting here typing this so I probably was doing them wrong. Though the intervals I did hurt enough to give me a taste.
What I did today was to try and hold my max cadence for about thirty seconds, rest for like ten minutes then rev up again for another thirty seconds.
Okay, I didn't rest for ten minutes but I sure wanted to.
After doing that four times, I sort of felt like Superman after drinking a Kryptonite cocktail.
Gravity sucks.
Resistance too.
I know now that I'm a cyclist for in a warped kind of way it was a good hurt.
Or something.
I think.
I'm going to try and keep doing this at least two times a week.
Gotta take a rest/recovery day don't' you know.
I'll try and increase the duration and amount of reps I take.
We'll see if it makes me any faster or if it helps increase my cadence.
Not that I'm obsessing over speed or anything even if two women passed me on the road the other day. I mean they didn't even call "left" or anything, they just came out of nowhere and passed right by me.
Boy, I must look like Rodney Dangerfield or something. I guess I probably ride like him.
I'm telling you, after this, I'm going to be so fast that those dudes on le Tour better watch out!
Okay, not really.
I must be so tired I've become delusional.
I also moved my cleats back by a couple of millimeters. Now I'm about a half centimeter back from by original position. It feels a bit strange; I also moved the seat up a skosh, but it feels okay.
By okay I mean I don't think it's any better, but it isn't any worse either. It just feels like I'm riding a different bike. I guess I'll get used to it.
I keep telling myself that I'm doing all of this so that I'll enjoy riding the bike more.
Does that make sense?
Does any of this make sense?
Spin, spin, spin!
Spin for the win!
Or until I puke or drop dead.
Chuck is on, gotta go.

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