Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Imitates Art

If you consider a cheesy, badly written television sit-com art.
Sit back, grab a cold beverage cause this is going to be good.
Trust me(famous last words!).
There's more post fodder!
Famous last words!
Maybe tomorrow.
Anyways, if you've been following along at home, you know that here, in our beautiful state, the kids only go to school like four days a week.
Okay, not really cause this week and last week they have five day weeks, but next week and next next week they have four day weeks.
The brainiac reasoning behind this is that our state, like many, sort of ran out of cash. Ginormous deficit and all that.
So, the powers that be decided to relieve the kids of something like three weeks of school.
Don't have to pay the teachers and don't have to turn on the lights.
Reasonable cost saving measures don't you know.
Well, it turns out some people didn't think that move was in the best interest of the kids.
Ya think?
Oh, and this abbreviated schedule is good to go next year too.
So, the battle has been raging on here to get the kids off the beaches and back into the classrooms.
Wait just a minute here.
Who's going to pay for this?
Not me Jack! Nosireee!
Now being on an island and all, we got this good ole gov'ment fund that's for hurricane relief. Last couple of times Mother Nature decided to visit here, the insurance companies were caught short, so the gov'ment being the care takers of the people, well, except for the kids, has this fund to use in case of disasters.
This is sort of turning into a disaster.
See, the money's there, it's just that no one can figure out how much of it to use.
So this drags on.
And on.
Except now it gets interesting.
A group of concerned parents and citizens have taken up residence in the Gov'ner's office to protest the situation.
They believe the Gov'ner is ultimately responsible for all this and the Gov'ner believes it rests in the hands of the unions.
This sort of reminds of playing basketball and the ball lands in some dog poop and suddenly no one wants any part of it.
Well, this sit in has been going on now for like six days and now, arrests have been made. Check it out here.
No seems to have any intention of backing down.
Now this is entertainment.
Reality T.V. at it's best.
Now if we could only get Dog the Bounty Hunter to show up, the ratings would go through the roof!
The suspense and tension builds as we wait to see what happens next.
Stay tuned for the next episode of The Biggest Loser.


dogimo said...

See, this is bull. As soon as the NFL pulled the Pro Bowl out, I new things would start falling apart, but it's not the Governor's fault! I blame the NFL. This would never have happened back in the Pete Rozelle days.

limom said...

If only the NFL could save us now!
They did help build a new artificial turf field at a local school.
That was cool.