Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kawai Nui Marsh

Great ride today!
Especially since my legs decided to come along and help. I guess they got tired of hearing me whine about their lackluster performance.
I was able to push a little hard today and despite a wind that would have cancelled le Tour, I did okay.
Since I was feeling so good, I decided to add some junk miles to my ride so I went off and checked out the marsh.
When I first began riding, the marsh was an essential part of my route; now not so much. The levee that extends across is about a mile and a quarter and it's out in the open so it's brutal when the wind is blowing:

The run is also flat and sort of boring, so nowadays, I rarely ride it.
Anyways, I get to the end of the levee and what do I see?

At first I think my perspiration drenched eyes were deceiving me for there is never anything going on at the little park.
Well today, it seems they had some kind of conservation thing going on and there was some information on the marsh:

The reason I was so surprised to see all this going on is that the park is not exactly a high traffic area. In fact, except for the occasional joggers and people walking their dogs, hardly anyone ventures out on the levee.
That is good and bad.
I'll get back to this.
So I grab a pamphlet that explains how there are plans to create a visitors center and maybe some programs to educate people about the wetlands.
Now I sort of have a problem with this.
It's a sort of why fix something that ain't broke kind of thing. I mean if they want to preserve the area, why draw attention to it?
I'm all for education and all that, but really, if someone wanted to find out about the history of the marsh, they can always go to the library.
I don't want to sound like a party pooper or something, but it's not like there are hoards of people breaking down a fence trampling all over the place.
Which is just what a visitors centers might bring.
Let's preserve the area by inviting more people to wander around the place.
I'll never see that turtle again!
Now I don't want to come off as all selfish or something cause it's not about what I want.
Okay, sort of.
It's more about changing something that doesn't need to be changed. If people want to go and check the place out, that's fine.
I don't think we need to invite them.
As of today, there is full access to the area.
I've never seen trash or signs of dumping or anything(okay, some dog poop once in a while).
Today, I passed four people on the levee.
That's one person every quarter mile.
I like it that way.

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