Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer is Here!

Yes, Summer is here.
Now that The Flat Tire has declared it, it becomes official.
The chill in the wind has been replaced by dehydrating heat waves shimmering off the black top.
Yep, it's here all right.
Well, income generating occupation wise, there's still one more month to go. More like three weeks for the kids don't bother showing up for the last week.
I mean really, why bother?
While the Spring showers still linger, the weather has obviously changed.
It's getting warm.
Or hot.
Or something.
The trade winds no longer cool; they just move the warm air around.
Now it's not like Vegas hot, where when you step out the door it feels like a blast furnace. It's more like ambient hot where everything just feels warm. The ceiling fan is just a prop; psychological warfare against the invading humidity.
When it gets overcast, it gets oppressive.
No more complaining about the wind.
Now it'll be me whining about the heat.
Today's temperatures didn't bother these guys:

Law enforcement officers stay on top of these platforms to raise money for the Special Olympics. It used to be that they stay up there until they raised a specific amount of money, but I don't think they do that any more.
With today's economy, they could be up there for a while.
I hope it doesn't rain.
Kailua Beach Park was a bit like memory lane today:

Seventies style road bike converted to beach cruiser. I hadn't seen one of those in ages. Moving your bars upside-down used to be quite the rage. In fact, way back when I was in the eight grade, I had a Sears Freespirit ten-speed that used to look just like that, inverted bars and all.
Ah, Summer.
Yes, it's here.
The Flat Tire said so.

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