Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vision Quest

Linda Fiorentino is hot.
The Madonna soundtrack helped too.
Matthew Modine was really young.
Anyways, I got my new glasses the other day.
That's how I felt when I first put them on.
It was like I got, well, new glasses.
I remember way back when I first got glasses. Putting them on was sort of a novelty.
Look Mom! I got glasses!
The world brightened up, contrast took on a whole new meaning, and I could finally read the street signs.
When I put on my new glasses, it was like I had new eyeballs.
The new new glasses I mean.
I can't believe how long I had been going on with those foggy, scratched up reasonable facsimiles of glasses.
I ain't kidding.
Everything in those glasses looked like they came out of one of those old thermal imaging fax machines, all blurry and mushy like.
Now, everything is razor sharp!
With high contrast!
I must say, it's a big change.
See sunglasses for me, have always been about replicating a constant state of dusk. I mean I wanted everything to be dark. I wanted it to feel like night.
Being a nocturnal person, a night owl if you will, everything flows better at night. Art should only be made at night.
One of my motto's was "it's nighttime somewhere" if you catch my drift.
That was in my other life.
Now, it's important for me to see better during the day.
I mean stuff like potholes, cracks in the pavement, sticks, gravel and golf ball sized nuts are all potential hazards that now are to be avoided. Mostly I wanted to be able to transition out of the dark shadows and into the light without a loss of contrast.
Riding my bike don't you know.
So it was time to hang up the ole neutral grey Wayfarers and go high tech.
I had worn Oakleys before so I sort of new what to expect but my new shades(I don't really know if I can still call them shades) have exceeded my expectations.
Seriously, I feel like I'm walking around in a different world everything is so sharp and crystal. What I mean is I'm sitting here in the dark watching Law & Order and it's like wow!
My Oakleys don't really make things darker despite the fact that the light transmission these lenses are supposed to be around nine percent. In fact it seems like they make things brighter, without hurting or fatiguing your eyes.
I was warned that because of the correction and the curvature of the lens I might experience a kind of fish eye effect, but it turned out to be negligible.
There is one thing strange though: when I look down at the ground, it seems like I'm really short.
I mean I'm vertically challenged to begin with but when I look down at the ground, it seems like I'm about two feet tall.
Interesting effect.
Other than that experience I feel like a shorter new man.
I gotta say though, wearing them makes me a bit uncomfortable. I mean coming from the ultimate cool of Wayfarers to the more contemporary look of wraps makes me feel like a juvenile delinquent.
See, when I tried them on, I wasn't concerned with how I looked in them, I was more interested in what I could see through them.
They give me a bit of attitude.
So I have named them my Punk glasses.
Not that I really needed any more attitude, but you never know.
It's all about perceptions anyways.
When I'm out riding around on my bike, hopefully I'll at least look fast.


dogimo said...

Was that the movie with "Take It Easy" by Andy Taylor? Or am I thinking of another movie?

limom said...

Vision Quest? High school wrestler Matthew Modine hooks up with an older but hot Linda Fiorentino?

dogimo said...

Oh okay - nope, this one was about gymnastics, not wrestling.

But I know Vision Quest came out in the 80s! Linda Fiorentino can't have been that much older can she? I mean, she didn't seem that old in The Last Seduction.