Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Germination Round II

Well, my newest batch of recruits showed up in the mail.
Oh yeah baby, my Cactus Army is growing!
Thanks to the folks at, I got a main line to new and different kinds of cacti.
Some of the seeds I wanted to try out only come in Costco like quantities, so I sort of held back and only got the ones that are sold in small amounts:

It's hard to believe that cactus grow from some of these seeds for they are like seriously minute.
On the other hand, the carnegiea gigantea or Saguaro, is doing okay, and those seeds were quite small also.
Still, it sort of freaks me out:

So to get the ball rolling, I set up The Flat Tire Cactus Incubator(TFTCI), labeled the starter pots and added water:

After adding the seeds, I cover the whole shebang with plastic and set it outside so that it catches the morning sun.
If all goes well, we should see some results in a couple of weeks.
Or not.
Well out of the last batch, five out of six starters uh, started. One bunch of seeds did not catch.
I'm sort of worried that I'm starting them so close to winter, but winter here is not like winter winter, it's more like mild summer winter.
If you know what I mean.
Oh, and this time, I got me some agave!
Can't wait to start fermenting those suckers.
Unless they take like forever to grow.
Frankly, I don't what is holding the little ones back. I mean I got some cacti that are just taking off!
Here's one I got about two months ago:

Here it is today.
I may have to put in a bigger pot soon:

I don't know what kind of cactus that is, but I need more of em!
Until then, I'll just wait for this next batch to hatch.
I hope they're fast sprouters.
In the mean time, I need to make more pots.

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