Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Early Edition

Okay, it's really early on Sunday.
I mean I'm not writing this on Sunday, it's really Saturday but since I'm hopefully on the road right now, this is being posted via the automation of Bloggerland.
So that means you, the reader, are well, reading this on Sunday.
I picked up the Honolulu Century Ride packet yesterday, Diamond Head in the background:

A lot of Japanese tourists there and also riding around Waikiki. Evil Hoku is actually somewhere within the concrete jungle doing bicycle inspections for the ride. Seems this ride is popular with the tourist folk some of whom ship and have their bikes assembled here.
If all goes well, Evil will have picked me up at around five this morning and we'll line up with the B riders at the start/finish at Kapi'olani Park in Waikiki and head off around six fifteen.
The joy of traveling in a pack of around three thousand riders!
Map of the ride:

If you know O'ahu at all, you can see it hugs the south/east side of the island all the way up towards the North Shore ands returns back to Kapi'olani Park.
If you've been following along at home, you know that I'm not doing the whole thing, in fact I'm not even going back to the start finish.
I decided to cut my ride short since the route goes right by The Flat Tire Central. THere's a festival on the Marine Base and the Blue Angels are flying today.
They actually flew today(which is actually yesterday) too, I heard them, and I want to get some pics.
Besides, I've still got a cough and the SAG wagon is not something I wish to utilize.
There is one challenge in store.
The Hill of Possible Collapse:

As you can see, the Hill of Burning Needles in My Legs is right around the half way point to The Flat Tire Central. No avoiding that puppy.
There is an alternate route off the course that you can take called the Hill of Blindness Caused by Fatigue that loops around world famous Hanauma Bay.
I did that hill on my Epic Ride back in March.
Well, the Hill That Leads to the Ninth Gate of Hell is a bit shorter, but I think it's steeper, at least it feels steeper, so I hope to climb it without rest.
Let me emphasize the word hope.
Let me tell you, this cough ain't helping.
Sure Mr. Flat Tire, make up excuses before you even get there.
But, but-
Just admit it. You're a wussy!
Okay, I admit it.
I'll tell you what though, if I can make it up the Hill of New York, I can make it anywhere!
Well, maybe not anywhere.
You get my drift.
So, if all goes as planned and I don't drop dead on the Hill of the Merciless Incline, I'll be posting up pics of the shortened route for the final edition.
Hopefully I won't get dropped by old ladies riding folding bikes like two years ago.
Talk about shame!
Have a nice Sunday ride.
I am.
I think.

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