Friday, September 24, 2010

Membership Revoked!

I am so ashamed.
Go ahead, I can take it.
I know I done wrong.
Disavow me, excommunicate me, expunge me.
I feel I can no longer be a card carrying member.
If you've been following along at home, you know that it's been some time since I've actually been on my bike.
Okay, I did take a short ride on Tuesday, just to test out the legs, but that was on the Barn Door:

While the mileage counts, it doesn't really count.
If you know what I mean.
I do my real riding on The Bike.
The Mean Machine.
The Deliverer of Pain and Suffering:

Well I have brought shame to myself and to my ride.
Tonight, I figured I should get the Millenium Falcon(Kessel Run, no prob) ready for the ride coming up on Sunday.

Somewhere under all that stuff is the Flat Tire Turbo Special(FTTS).
Yes dear friends, in my time off, the FTTS has been relegated to the supporter of all things not permanent press.
My oh so precious wheels?

Hark! What is that strange substance that covers thine Mavics?
I have let my wheels become covered with dust.
Oh the shame!
I despair!
Strike me down now for I am not worthy!
Que thunder and lightning.
I promise thee I shall make amends!
One more chance to redeem thine self and make good the reputation of the once proud SR71 Flat Tire Skunkworks Blackbird(spy shots no prob)!
I shall light thine afterburners and be swift, fearless and stealthy once more!
I will make thine self suffer!
I will make the pain!
I shall ride with the wind(at my back) again!
If I can only get rid of this cough.


Steve A said...

Don't feel bad, I use the left brake hood on Frankenbike as a hook to air my gym shorts.

limom said...

Alas, I am not alone.
Maybe we can start a new club!