Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Cactus Update

So yesterday, I was looking at the Cactus Army and decided it's ranks were getting a little thin and it was time to call it some reinforcements.
Besides, I had these empty pots sitting around and they just couldn't wait for the mini cacti to grow up.
More on that later.
The neobuxbaumia are doing great!
I also have some protection now to make sure they don't start morphing into creepy crawly creatures with acid for blood:

That's right, good ole Ripley is back on the job.
At least I think it's Ripley, for I don't think it looks anything like Sigourney Weaver:

I thought she looked pretty hot as a blonde in Galaxy Quest, but I regress.
As I said the neos are looking good, but the Saguaro are looking a bit peaked:

I'm thinking it's time to let them dry out a bit and not let them soak in the damp potting soil. Cactus are susceptible to root rot if the soil is too damp.
I think I'll give them a few more days, then move the pot out of the tray.
The other seedlings, are finally showing some green:

I'm telling you, these cactus don't grow very quickly as it's been about five weeks since I first started them off.
At this rate, I may be an older old guy before they start looking like the pictures in the book.
So anyways, I had these planter pots sitting around collecting dust, and I decided to bolster the Cactus Army, so off I went to the plant place.
I picked up a couple of new little ones, and a I found a brand new favorite:

Now that, my friends, is what a cactus is supposed to look like!
Okay, the spikey ones look cool too, but tall and fuzzy rocks!
So much so that I've started to look at some other species of cactus and am putting together another seed order.
Anyways, I got that big one so that maybe the small ones see it and get all inspired to grow faster.
Or something.
Nothing's happening yet in the Flat Tire Cactus Incubator(FTCI), if things go about the same, I don't expect to see anything for at least another week.
I'm sort of excited to see what the agave looks like.
Hopefully I get some hot opuntia action too!


John Romeo Alpha said...

mr limom: my name is General Martin Perez, from United Systems Military, and we understand you have some interesting cactus with acid for blood. We would like to obtain a few samples for research purposes. Really, just research. For, you know, science.

limom said...

I'm sorry General, but you need authorization from both the CINCPACFTL (Commander in Charge, Pacific Flat Tire Land) and the CIA(Cactus Intelligence Agency).