Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scoop! Pt. II

As promised, here are some images of the Fortuna all wheel drive bicycle that made it's debut at the ride today.
People made great sacrifices to bring you these pictures.
Mostly Evil Hoku, who had to ride back to the start/finish where they were showing the bike.
I saw one on the road going up the back side of the Hill of Cardiac Arrest, but I was too gassed to turn around and get my own images.
All pictures by Flat Tire Staffer Evil Hoku, who by the way, is not that evil anymore:

Hoku said the bike looked really heavy. The dude I saw going up the hill sort of looked like he was struggling a bit, but then again, I passed him sort of on the fly.
Rear drive train:

Nothing special here, looks like Altus in back.
You can see the double chain though.
Here's the spec sheet again:

The interesting part is the front wheel drive.
I didn't get a good look but here it is up close and personal:

Too bad I couldn't take spin on it just to see how it rode.
Maybe a local bike shop will have one on hand for me to check out.
Okay, there you go!
Didn't I promise you, the reader, the latest in cycling news 24/7?
Okay, not really.

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