Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Shipping Department

So today, I finally got around to boxing up one of the promotional Chain Mugs.
I started searching around for an appropriate box, but apparently, the mug is of an odd size.
So off I went in search of a box.
Not as easy as it sounds.
I ended up at the UPS Store.
The first box I got was too small.
Thankfully this didn't turn into a Goldilocks like experience and the second box I got was perfect.
I got to thinking I should have gotten some bubble wrap, but then I started thinking, Hey! I'm shipping this out for free!
So I got an old envelope and cut that up to wrap around the mug:

Not exactly the best packing material, but as I said, what do you expect for free?
Now the thing about shipping ceramics is that you should pack things tight.
Like really tight, so that the item can't be moving around.
I use a special high tech material to insure the item doesn't suffer any damage:

Okay, not really.
I just used some balled up newspaper.
What I like about receiving stuff is the newspaper used for packing.
I like to read it.
Hopefully I get the Living or Today sections, and get a glimpse of life someplace else.
Today, I used parts of the Sunday paper, including the Sports and Dining Out sections:

Check out the top right corner.
Good brew.
Oh yeah baby!
This puppy's going to the right place.
Hopefully it makes it in one piece.
Okay, all wrapped up with no place to go!

Well, actually it does have someplace to go.
I'll try and ship this out tomorrow or the day after.
I sort of wanted to see exactly what all the shipping and stuff was going to come out to so that I could factor in all the costs.
I gotta head out and see my brother at The Warehouse and see if I can scrounge up some more boxes.
At least I can get those for free and most of the stuff I got for sale is about the same size.
Okay lucky promotion participant, consider your mug on it's way!
I also decided to put one of the other mugs up for sale, just to see if there's any demand.
We'll see how that goes.
Boy, I can't believe I actually posted pictures of a box.


Steve A said...

Now, we'll all know what to expect should we ever buy something from you on eBay!

limom said...

Well, if I sell more than a few of them, I may spring for some bubble wrap.
Or not.
Okay, maybe.

Rat Trap Press said...

I'm sure the mug will survive the trip. With the holidays approaching, you should put the word out to your friends and family to save boxes and packing material for you. Keep your costs down.

limom said...

Boxes I don't think will be a problem.
That's a good thing since I think one box was like almost four bucks!
Fifteen will get you one roll of plastic bubbles.
I also found out today that Priority Mail rates have gone up.