Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Any Sunday pt. I

On Any Sunday was a great motorcycle movie by Bruce Brown, who is famous for The Endless Summer.
But this isn't about Bruce Brown.
I took off around mid morning on a quest for adventure. There was new territory to conquer and today was the day.
Okay, not really. I stayed around Kailua and tried to make the best of it.
Today, I decided to go around Lanikai in the opposite direction. I figured I always make the loop the same way so this was a good time to try something different.
First thing I noticed were the pillboxes on the ridge above:

The two pillboxes were observation posts built by the military during WWII. The hike to get up there is not an easy one, trust me. Some brave souls were already there:

I did the hike oh, about ten years back and I almost had a heart attack on the ascent. There are also a couple of places where there are drop offs on both sides of the trail; not for the faint of heart. The views though are spectacular. You can see all the way into Waimanalo. Here's a guy standing up there, pondering life:

Kinda sorta makes me want to get a canteen and some hiking boots and tackle that trail again.
There are private lanes that intersect the ocean side of Kalaheo Avenue. Most of them have signs that say "private" or "no tresspassing" on them. I don't know if they are private roads exactly, but what I found out today is that some of them have a public right of way access to the beach.
I had never been to Kalama Beach Park; I company I worked for had parties next door at the beach club. The park is well kept:

I don't know what the deal is with the house that sits there; it looks like some kind of State facility since three State trucks were parked there. Oh sorry, not the house in the picture, that's the restroom. The Beach Bike finally got close to an actual beach:

I guess this is why we are beginning to see more tourists out here:

Over in Aikahi, I made my usual pit stop and headed back into Kailua. I decided to come back via the levee for there was another stop I wanted to make. Over in Maunawili, it was raining. I hoped it wouldn't carry over the marsh:

Riding through Lanikai and seeing the pillboxes up on the ridge made me think about how sometimes we go through life without seeing all that's there. I have ridden that same road at least a hundred times and have never bothered to look up. There are so many things that we pass by or see everyday that we just take for granted.
I have to wonder: what else am I missing?
That wasn't the end of my ride; part two coming up.

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