Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Done!

Or pau as they say around these parts.
Yes, the UPS man redeemed himself today from the scalping I took in shipping off my frame by dropping this off at my front door:

Boy, those boxes are really light!
I wonder what they could be.
A gift from the gods perhaps?
Could it be?

The Unobtainable Lightness of Roundness!
My blingalicious semi-poseur wheels!
Oh thank you thank you thank you!
I went looking at a whole lot o'wheels before deciding on these puppies.
It finally came down to Campagnolo Neutrons, Williams, Reynolds and these.
I went with these hand built jobs because of the hubs:

White Industries clickity clackity goodness!
Not Chris King buzzy bees, but still enough to let folks know you're coming.
I also wanted silver hubs with a low spoke count and some semi-aero rims.
To match the aero seat post don't you know.
Anyways, I've been reading up on this fellow named Psimet who does this sort of wheel thing.
Okay, his name isn't really Psimet, it's just what his venture goes by.
His specialty of sorts are wheels built from an alloy called Niobium. I have no clue what exactly they are but they are pretty darn light.
The Kinlin wheels he sells are available in a couple of different sizes from 19mm to 30mm. He does up carbon fibre wheels too, if that's your thing.
Psimet also has besides White Industries, Alchemy hubs, which have been creating some buzz recently.
Get it, buzz? hubs?
The rears are WI H3 hubs, 24 spokes, Sapim CXrays, two crossed.
The fronts are WI H2, 20 spokes, radial laced.
I went with brass nipples instead of alloy.
The White Industries hubs are nice:

The pukas for the spokes are counter sunk so they sit flush on the flange.
You can also see the CXray aero goodness there.
I could have saved a ton by going with DT Swiss Comp spokes, but them CXrays are supposed to make me faster.
If you know what I mean.
The rims are 27mm in front and 30mm in back.
Total weight comes in just a smidgen over 1500 grams.
The way I figure it, I've lost almost a pound of rolling weight and gained about a GAGILLION miles per hour in speed!
I'm gonna be like super duper fast now!
Women and small children watch out!
Yes, that celeste blur that just blew past you was me!
Psimet does a pretty good job with these wheels and they are priced comparably, if not less expensive than factory wheels of similar weight.
The White Industries hubs and Sapim spokes make his wheels a real deal!
Like anything custom or hand built though, there is a waiting period. From order to delivery, these wheels took two months.
Mr. Psimet has a very long queue so keep that in mind if you order.
Despite the wait, he is Flat Tire Recommended!
So the last part of the Celeste Devil Project is in place.
I wanted some wheels that were light, and strong so of course I didn't get cheap.
I think I got the sort of classic but updated look I was going for.
Of course I could have gone really blingalicious and super poseur, deep carbon wheels, but in the end I though these would be nicer and more practical.
Maybe on the next bike.
The carbon blingaliciousness and full poseurness I mean.
As far as the Celeste Devil is concerned, I'm all pau.
I don't think there's anything left to change out or replace.


Mark said...

Thats a very nice set of wheels.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Those hubs...I think I am in love. Video of hub clicky sound/motions, please.

limom said...

Mark, thanks!

JRA, more images and obligatory moving pictures soon.