Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Final

First of all, that Fizik Arione worked out pretty well.
There's no cut out, so at first it feels like you're sitting on a hump or something, but after a while you get used to it.
The cover, I don't know if it's real or imitation leather, is a little slippery, the leather on the Selle Italia grips well in comparison.
Despite feeling like I was sitting on a well, saddle, I experienced very little discomfort.
Flat Tire Approved!
Oh, and that seat bag stayed put even with the rough roads I was on today.
Speaking of roads, I went out did what I was going to do last Sunday, which was head out the other way, over into Waimanalo.
The Garmin don't lie is here.
I was on my way, when some dude on the other side of road called out to me.
The Flat Tire Rescue Team(FTRT) responded:

I fixed his flat and was on my way, good deed for the day done.
I didn't bother taking pictures on the outbound leg, for it was into the wind and getting there was half the torture.
Okay, it wasn't that bad, in fact it seemed to go faster than when I did it on my mountain bike.
Finally, the turn around point:

Boy, it was gorgeous!
The Makapu'u Lighthouse is just to the right.
I mean I see this all the time and well, today I had to just sort of admire the view for twenty minutes or so.
I mean the water was crystal clear.

Obligatory road side shot:

I've really got to get me a polarized lens cause them pictures just ain't doing the water justice. Conditions were perfect.
Well, I couldn't exactly dawdle there all day, so off I went!
Saying good bye to Makapu'u:

For some odd reason, the beaches weren't very crowded today. Okay, it's Easter Sunday and all, but still there were many spots were you could have your own little private beach:

Most of the beach parks have their own canoe houses. The State, or maybe its the City and County, I'm not sure, built all these places for the local folks to store their canoes.
The Waimanalo canoe hale:

By this time, I was getting sort of hungry.
You know, I was getting pretty sick and tired of seeing everyone else post all of them pictures of Tex-Mex and such so I stopped here:

I packed my stuff up and back tracked about a quarter mile or so and settled down to eat my lunch here:

That's right sports fans!
Steak burrito!
Fit very nicely in my jersey pocket thank you.
Anyways, after inhaling that thing, I figured it was time to head on back to The Flat Tire Central.
I could feel a nap coming on.
I'm thinking of doing this every weekend, it's not as flat as my usual ride and I need the practice on the inclines.
Knowing that burrito is on the way back sort of helps too.
Now, I need to see about that bottom bracket on the Bike With The Funny Name(BWTFN).


John Romeo Alpha said...

"after inhaling that thing". I believe you did. It looks awesome.

Andrew Cooper said...

That really looks nice. After four years I am still not used to the beach thing. Some of the world's best beaches 15-20min from the house. A really nice walk on the beach Friday night just to play with the new camera.

limom said...

JRA, to tell you the truth, I had better but when you're hungry....

Andrew, I think the beach is great!
All day with my favorite cold beverage.
When I had a lot of time.
Back in another life.
Nowadays, only enough time for a look see and to reminisce and to maybe have some lunch.