Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Final

Well, things didn't go exactly as planned today.
I had this ride I was thinking of, you know, one of those rides, but it wasn't to be.
I mean I was well on my way, don't get me wrong.
I just sort of got side tracked.
It was a nice day, in an island sort of way:

There's your beach shot.
It was really nice and the beach was crowded with all sorts of folks doing their beach thing.
Of course I had to stop off and partake in my usual cream soda. It was there I noticed something peculiar.
Being of short stature but of massive thighs, my jerseys run sort of long on me. When I pull them down, they look like this:

When I don't pull them down and they get all bunched up, I get what I call the faux are you happy to see me bulge:

Embarrassment potential is very high there.
I need to grow a couple of inches cause let me tell you I ain't that happy all of the time.
The semi-epic ride I had planned turned into my normal ride for back in Kailua today was the I Love Kailua Town Party Jamboree Festival Close Off The Street Sunday Thingy.
So I figured I'd turn in my twenty miles and go and have a look see.
On my way back I grabbed a fist full of lever and let them green Swiss Stops do their thing for on the side of the road what did I see:

Too bad it was too big.
There were a few other bikes, including a Specialized Expedition but I took a pass on that.
More on this later.
Well I do my miles figuring I need to for when I get back I know I'm going to eat something.
I mean the party was on:

There were local eateries hawking all sorts of mega calorie stuff so I had to be careful. Everything looks good when you just got off the bike!
So I'm walking around checking things out making sure my are you happy to see me bulge is not getting too large when I found something I couldn't resist.
I went in for some spicy calamari curry from India Cafe:

Okay, spicy food is not good on a hot day.
Where's my water bottle!
I didn't stay as long as I did last year, the musical entertainment was between acts so I figured I'd be on my way.
What's that I see and smell?
Okay, lemme sample some of that:

Some hibachi chicken on a stick!
After eating that, I was pretty much good to go.
Oh yeah, I also had a malasada, which is a Portuguese doughnut without the hole.
I would have taken a picture of that but I ate it too fast.
So I'm making my way back home and I notice that my heel is hitting the chainstay.
When that happens it usually means my cleat is loose.
Actually it was happening all ride but I checked at the mid point of my ride and it seemed okay.
Except when I got home, I couldn't take my shoe off of the pedal:

I lost a bolt.
That made me sad.
I had to use the Flat Tire Bottom Bracket tool to get my shoe off of the pedal.
No problem, I need to go out anyways, so I can just stop off at the hardware store and get another bolt.
No such luck.
They got the regular bolts, but not the counter sunk ones that I need.
I guess I got to hit up LBS tomorrow.
On my way back I had to stop off at that place where I saw the Gitane to pick up my score for the day.
An astronomy book and this:

That's right sports fans!
I got me some mixte goodness!
The new Flat Tire grocery getter.
My next big project.


Trevor Woodford said...

I must admit, one of my biggest cycling fears is approaching a road junction and not being able to get either shoe off the pedal.....


John Romeo Alpha said...

I assume you will settle the Great How Do You Pronounce That Debate (TGHDYPTD) now--mixt? mix-tea? Mishcht? mix-tay? Mish-tay? MIXT-ee?

limom said...

Trevor, I was very lucky in that I was in my garage when the uh, stuckness happened.
It was also the right side and I usually unclip the left first.

JRA, after the consulting with The Flat Tire Department of Linguistics(TFTDOL), the consensus is the X is silent therefore it is a mee-tay.
At least that's what it will be known as around these parts.