Monday, April 25, 2011

Niagara Falls

Slowly I turn.
Step by step.
Inch by inch.
Oh wait.
This is not about Niagara Falls:

Stuff is trickling in.
Stuff for the Bike With The Funny Name.
One by one.
Step by step.
Inch by inch.
Oh wait.
This is about my new to me stem shifters:

I'm also tracking down a set of down tube clamp on friction shifters.
I dunno.
Just in case.
Slowly I turned.
Step by step.
Inch by inch.
As in new brake levers:

The nice thing is that they came with new brake cables.
They look like MTB shifters but they are supposed to be long pull roadie type levers.
I hope they work out okay.
This also arrived:

Another addition to the parts box.
Wrong size.
I ordered a 27.0 instead of a 26.8 post.
Right size on the way.
Speaking of wrong sizes:

Okay actually it's the right size.
Sort of.
The Campagnolo seat post binder was going to be one of the last parts of my Celeste Devil build.
I don't really need a new one, I just thought it would be a nice touch.
Which brings me to the next step in the BWTFN.
Step by step.
Inch by inch.
Hold on!
As in handle bars.
I still haven't decided on what type to get and I need to make a decision soon.
Like tonight or tomorrow.
Soon I'll have all the parts I need to get the BWTFN on the road.
On the road to-
Niagara Falls!
Okay, that was pretty lame.


Trevor Woodford said...

So many many choices...!
Life could be so simple- but who would want that... So much fun...!!


limom said...

Gotta love shopping for parts!