Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Special Edition

It was not a very nice day.
Still folks came out for an announced 800 cyclists ventured into the overcast for the Haleiwa Metric Century.
Getting there was easy.
Just follow the bikes:

The fast folks lined up at the front:

The rest of the pack behind:

Moi? I'm off to the left, waiting to let the pack go by:

The ride started promptly at 7:30.
Off they go!

Not too many images from the outbound leg.
I wanted to make time here and finish it off as soon as I could.
I skipped the first aid station stopping only at the midpoint of the first leg:

As you can see, the overcast stayed with us.
Off to do the second 15 miles!
Which is the killer leg.
Into the wind.
I was leap frogging folks until here.
Then I decided to tuck in behind whom ever and just pace them until we hit calmer air. I think I slowed down to like 11 or 12 mph here, just trying to stay in a draft.
Not that it really helped.
I was going to stop and take some video of the trees getting bent sideways, but I was afraid that if I stopped, I'd start to go backwards.
Okay, not really.
About the trees going sideways.
This was the stretch that did me in last year.
More on that later.
Finally hit the turn around and got me some fuel:

Hawaiian sports drink and power bar.
The turn around was at Swanzy Beach Park, which is not really a beach:

It's more like a park with a long sea wall.
What the sea wall is for I don't know, since as you can see, there aren't any waves.
The beach park by the way is named after Julie Judd Swanzy, who donated the land in 1921.
Anyways, there were a lot more folks at the turn around compared to last year.
When it looked like we were one of the last folks still going.
I was encouraged by this so off I went!
Now I was sort of keeping an eyeball on the time.
Part II coming up.

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