Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back in Time

Way back.
Like in another life.
Or two.
Or three.
Or something.
Back to my early beginnings, when TV was still black and white and folks still listened to AM radio.
I listened to my crystal radio set, though the only station I could get signed off at like 4 in the afternoon.
Yes, back to my humble beginnings.
Pre-take over the world days:

Everything seemed smaller.
I supposed that's because I was smaller, or maybe my world was bigger.
Not so big now what with this internet thing and satellites and space stations.
Oh we had Skylab, but that was a temp thing and I did see the first man on the moon live on TV.
Still my world was humungous, everything was still waiting to be discovered.
You know. places to be and things to do and all that.
Days weren't long enough way back then.
My room was right in the middle, the second set of windows from the left, and I looked out over this:

My back yard.
It actually looks a lot nicer than I remember, for back then it was source of danger and adventure.
Hidden trails, strange noises, flash floods; I wasn't even allowed to venture by myself until I was taller.
That's entertainment.
Replaced by computers and iPads and miphones and technology.
I gotta say, I was hesitant to go back.
I mean you don't want to go backwards.
Sometimes though, backwards is forwards.
I stood there, going backwards and forwards at the same time:

The trees were different, the paths were gone; it was not like how I remembered.
Now instead of danger and adventure I saw serenity and tranquility.
Going back may actually be a step forwards.
Not today, but maybe one day.
One day.

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