Thursday, March 21, 2013

Checking Out The Neighborhood

On foot.
I got the ole bicycle ready to go, sort of, and there's more exploring to do, but today I walked around some, just to check things out.
Not that there's a lot to check out.
This is a mostly industrial area, filled with warehouses like the one I presently occupy:

Home sweet home.
For now.
Anyways I needed to pick up some stuff so off I went!
Thankfully, there's a place to eat right next door:

Before I leave, we'll be on a first name basis.
If you know what I mean.
Across the intersection and near the freeway off ramp, there's this:

I try not to think about that place.
Below it, is a small stream, one of them streams that originate up in the mountains.
I'm not sure which stream it is exactly, I'll have to look at a map.
Anyways, going over the stream is the freeway.
Good ole H1:

On the other side of the freeway is park, a rather nice park at that.
So I got to where I was going which is a good thing since today was really hot and muggy:

Oh yeah baby!
The craft store place!
Air conditioning!
Since I don't have TV, I have a feeling that place is going to become a fan favorite.
I picked up some stuff for this project I've decided to start, you know, to sort of brighten up the walls around here.
I've been taking a lot of pictures and I've got a ton of photo paper so I decided to make use of my new found free time.
More on this later.
Right now, I gotta go and dig up my fan cause all the doors are closed and there's like no wind at all and it's getting sort of warmish in here.
I may have to get one of them stand alone aircon things.
You know, to keep cool.
I'm already cool.
Don't you know.

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