Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

So yesterday, I went out and fooled around with Big Mamma.
You know, just to get a feel for how it handles.
So far, so good.
I think.
I went over to Sand Island, the same place I took some other images before.
Sand Island I believe is partly man made, they dumped a lot of fill there during the construction boom and they also dredged the hell out of the area creating the harbor entrance.  Sand Island sits at the entrance to Honolulu Harbor.
Now it houses industrial stuff, a container yard and the Coast Guard.
More on that later.
So I drive over the bridge and find these guys:

We got a BMX track!
Okay, I knew about the track but I had never seen anyone on it.  Kids were flying around it about every three minutes; I guess it was like open track time.
Okay, some of them were flying around, the others seemed to struggle a bit.
These were really small kids.
Like really short.
The area by the way is accessible by bicycle.
Note to self.
So anyways, I took a few images to see how the autofocus thingy was tracking and stuff but none of kids was getting any air so I moved on.
To the other side of the park I mean.
I got there just in time to see a honking big boat come in:

The life line of the islands.
These boats stop coming and everyone runs out of toilet paper.
I watched for a bit as the honking big boat did the harbor dance and parked to my left.
I've been wanting to try out my 10 stop neutral density filter:

Here's a 15 second exposure; if you squint yer eyeballs you can see how it smooths out the water.  I'm not sure I like this particular effect at this particular location, but it did what it is supposed to do.
Then this other honking big boat decided to show off to the other honking big boat.
Apparently this honking big boat was waiting for other boat to do it's thing before doing it's thing:

I call it the Big Boat One My One Eighty Is Better Than Your One Eighty Contest(BBMOEIBTYOEC).
The BBMOEIBTYOEC attracted some attention:

These boys apparently were not here for the show:

Remember I said the Coast Guard folks were also around these parts; if you do a search you can find some pics of the station I took while on a visit.
I'd post a link, but I'm lazy.
Well, I got a bit bored so off I went!
To the other side of the harbor:

There's that honking big boat, waiting for the stevedores to finish dinner break.
Now the sun is in front of me so it's time to bust out the filters.
This part of the harbor, piers 38-40, have been developed for commercial use.
There a couple of restaurants and a fishing/boating supply place.
Forrest Gump too:

Not much going on, but sort of a nice place to hang out in the late afternoon.
The lighting was spotty so I just sort of scouted out the place, walking around and checking things out.
I fooled around with the HDR setting:

HDR with the goofy filter:

Some buoy in the middle of the harbor:

I spent some time staring at it, wondering what the hell it was doing there.
I mean it can't be marking something and there's only the one.
Maybe someone nautical can explain it to me.
Anyways, I was tired and hungry so I took one final image and headed on home:

We were expecting some rain this weekend but it looks clear today.
Maybe I'll go back and reshoot some stuff if the light is better in the afternoon.
If I can separate my you know what from the couch.
Well, I don't have any TV but I am streaming Law & Order on Netflix.
I'm on season 1, episode 2.
I'm also on vacation.
Don't you know.

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