Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

So I've been busy closing out the third quarter, you know, kids desperately trying to turn stuff in and working on extra credit.
Things they should have been thinking about when the quarter started.
I also have this teacher evaluation thingy and I have to write a report, yay!
No really.
I like writing reports.
Making conclusions from collected data and all that.
I even went in yesterday to work on said report but after three hours I had to take a break.
So off I went!
It was raining pretty hard when I left and I've been wanting to take some pictures in the rain so I was looking for some place good to well, take pictures in the rain.
I even bought one of these things:

If you were thinking of getting one like this, don't.
Save your cash and use a plastic bag instead.
Okay, it has a draw string on one end, but that's about it.
Anyways, I went back to Sand Island, mainly cause it gave me an open ocean shot.
Unfortunately, by the time I got there the rain had mostly passed offshore:

Instead I focused mostly on the clouds.
Contrast don't you know:

Then I started to take pictures of the rocks I was standing on.
Some of them contained pockets of rainwater:

I sort of liked this idea of the isolated pockets of water, you know, right next to some big water.
There's a relationship there.

Anyways I was getting sort of dizzy walking around all them rocks, I wasn't feeling my best yesterday, so headed on home.
I'm thinking of heading back out there today.
Rocks on the brain.
If you know what I mean.

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