Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting Crafty

My old college professor liked to say "we do art here, not arts and crafts."
He liked to distinguish a line between fine art and well, what I call folk art or what others call crafts.
Crafty stuff is okay, I mean it's folks being creative and being well, crafty.
If you know what I mean.
I got this book:

Lot o'ideas in there about what to do with your pictures besides letting them sit on your hard drive collecting digital dust.
Mostly crafty stuff as the fine art part is in the actual pictures, the good artsy pictures I mean, most of the stuff is like picture holders and how to use the pictures if you ever get around to printing them out.
Anyways one of the projects was a photo mosaic you create if you got some blank walls to fill.
Well I got some blank walls to fill.
So I got me some of these:

They're like little dots of adhesive, sort of like the stuff used in magazine pull outs except stickier.
Not so sticky as to be permanent, but almost.
Now the place I'm at is not really mine so I can't just go and start sticking photos to the wall so I did the next best thing and got me some foam core board from craft place up the street.
The foam core I can use as panels and put them together if I want to get really big, but for now I just started on one sheet:

The example in book uses photos with no borders, but I decided to try it this way first.
I also switched over to Adobe Lightroom so I'm still figuring out the print settings and that's why the borders are all different.
So on one sheet you can fit 25 images and I plan on putting up at least four sheets.
We'll see how it goes.
For one thing, it cost some funds to print out all them images; printer ink ain't cheap.
Still, putting up all my images in one place made me realize how little I use color.
The next panel will consist of some old blog pictures and the next one will be only black and white and maybe the next one will have a theme.
For now though, I'm just getting them stuck on there to see what they look like.
Sort of blending the line between art and craft if you will.
I hope my old professor isn't reading this.
Then again, it's better than sitting around watching Law & Order.

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