Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Final

It's been a long day.
Okay, not really.
It was the same length, it just seemed long.
If you know what I mean.
I went back and forth between the New Flat Tire and the Old Flat Tire a couple of times and I can't believe it but I still gotta make one more trip.
The Cactus Army is still back there holding down the fort and I can't relieve them until Tuesday.
Hold on boys!
Help is on the way!
I learned something about living in a warehouse: there's no wind.
I'm a gonna need a fan.
Or one of them stand alone air conditioners.
Or something.
Like I can't wait for summer.
Anyways, I finally got all my crap together:

Cozy in a cramped sort of way.
I got two shelves and some boxes for furniture.
Actually it's okay, I just need a couple of things.
For one thing, it's hard to iron clothes on a box:

After three pairs of shorts I gave up.
I didn't bother with the shirts.
I only need a weeks worth anyways, since next week is vacation and I should have a solution by then.
So now comes the hard part: sorting through all the boxes o'stuff.
I guess I have six months or so since my place I mean the Permanent Flat Tire Command Center will be  occupied until around August or so.
So every weekend I should be able to start going through everything and basically repacking the stuff I really want to keep.
I thought I was going to simplify but boy, I just couldn't let go of some stuff!
Now that I know just how much stuff it is, well I've sort of taken a mental inventory of what I really really want to keep.
I think.
If I can get all my stuff to fit in this one room, I should be okay when it comes time to move again.
Yeah right.
Okay, I need to straighten up a bit more.
Signing off from the Temporary Command Center.

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