Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stuff Falling Off The Back of the Truck

Or I wish some stuff fell off the back of the truck.
It's like boy, I got tons o'stuff!
Enough to go around I mean.
Anyone out there want some?
Here's my brother taking some stuff to the New Temporary Command Center(NTCC):

Just enough time for one load today.
We stuffed all that stuff into a pallet box and stuck it up on a ledge so I can sort it all out.
Then there's this pile of crap in the middle of the gara- uh, studio that I gotta haul away tomorrow.
Thankfully some Friends of the Flat Tire(FOTFT) are coming over to help out.
I also got my webz service today:

The internet provider I'm using now doesn't have a line in the area and they wanted like 10 GAGILLION dollars to put in the line so now I'm all 4G.
At least temporarily.
Except I wanted the mobile thingy so I could use it everywhere and they sent me the home thingy.
I'll have to see about that later.
The real problem is fixing up all my email stuff and changing all my billing and shipping addresses that are scattered all over the webz, you know, since I like buy a lot o'stuff.
I guess I shouldn't be buying a lot o'stuff since I already got a lot o'stuff, but I'm getting rid of a lot o'stuff so I guess it's okay.
If you know what I mean.
I got some extra space now:

Actually it only looks empty cause I haven't started unpacking.
I may not unpack cause it looks nice the way it is.
Sort of.
Okay, I still need some place to sleep and you know, watch Law & Order.
In a week or so, that'll be home.
I mean the New Command Center for World Domination(NCCFWD).
Or something.


Steve A said...

I want to hear about the wireless thing. Myself, I'm sorta liking the Veriznon Jetpack 4620LE, but that changes from time to time...

limom said...

It's Clearwire.
I just sort of checked the connection and left it for now.
It looked good though, just as fast as cable for basic browsing.
It also handled Netflix okay.
$50 a month unlimited.
More later.

limom said...

By the way, my phone is on verizon but the 4G internet plan I read about would have been like $140 a month.