Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Final

I'm sad.
No really.
I'm sad.
It's getting closer to MI-Day, that's Move In Day for those of you all ready settled.
I was sort of looking forwards to it, but then I started to move out and lemme tell you, that's a different story.
First there's all the crap:

That's just the stuff I'm throwing away.
There's more.
Way more.
See, it's hard to part with things that have been sitting around collecting dust for so long.
I've been trying to use that "if you haven't used within a year" rule but every time I see something it's like some sort of magic attachment thingy gets activated and it just sticks to me!
Like I can't let go of it!
I'm trying real hard!
Eventually though, you just gotta add it to the pile and take it away:

I mean as much as I'd like to, I just can't keep everything.
Well I could, I just wouldn't have any room for the important stuff, like me.
If you know what I mean.
The appliance grave yard:

What happens to them now?
After all those years of service.
Abandoned art:

Actually I didn't really feel that bad tossing my stuff.
Okay, I did but I had no choice.
Hopefully they will be recycled into something spectacular.
Most of the steel work was rusting anyways, and it's not like they were on display here or something.
I only kept one or two items.
By next weekend, the New Temporary Command Center(NTCC) should be up and running.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Some people make art out of junk. You're going the other way, making junk out of art. Which is like another type of art! Junkitall: the Next Big Dusty Thing. I've got five year old used inner tubes.

limom said...

I'm sad. I had to toss all my old inner tubes.
I was saving them for something.