Friday, August 16, 2013

Going Backwards

No, not my tires again.
I'm still going forwards on the path of least resistance.
I think.
Sometimes it feels like I got a flat.
Could be just my legs.
If you know what I mean.
No, I am going back in time with photography:

I had put together a PowerPoint on the history of photography for the kids, one that showed all kinds of  oldfangled cameras and stuff, but I thought it would be cool for them to actually be able to hold and touch some of these antique/vintage gems.
Besides, I needed some paper weights since I got a nice cool sometimes persistant breeze that comes through that window with a view.
So I've been busy.
Oh the eVilness!
I just can't seem to stay away!

The good news is that I'll be getting my purple star by the end of the year.
Anyways, you'd be surprised how many of these instamatic type thingys are floating around out there.
I even got me a some GAGILLION year old film!
Then, this morning, I was scanning the ole CL and what did I find?
Well it I had to drive like 20 miles to find out and I ripped off the seller but I got me this:

The film advance didn't work and the shutter wouldn't fire so I told the dude it was probably bricked.
I also couldn't get the aperture to move and the lens was all dirty so I was going to pass.
Ten bucks? asks the dude.
Uh, okay, I says.
Driving home I was thinking boy, these paper weights are getting sort of expensive.
Back at the Command Center I ran the camera through the central computer and found out that there was a chance all it needed was a battery.
So off the to battery place I go and as I paid for it I installed it and voila!
Shutter fires and film advance advances!
Sorry seller dude.
I lied.

So I got me some film since I was standing at the counter anyways:

The camera is full manual which is why I couldn't understand why nothing worked.
It does have a light meter though I'm not sure how accurate it still is.
I'm about to find out!
I gotta say it's been a while since I've shot film and I'm all giddy about seeing what this camera can do.
I'm going to order me some TriX black and white film and run it through the paces.
Of course I have to take the same image with my digital to compare, you know, just for fun.
At least I got something to do this weekend since I'm off today via state holiday.
Admissions Day or something of the sort though I think it's actually supposed to be the 21st.
If I shoot the roll now, maybe I can get my pictures back tomorrow.
Off I go!


Steve A said...

Nowadays, they give you back your photos digitally.

limom said...

I got prints and a CD for nine bucks!
Not bad.