Saturday, August 3, 2013

Territorial Dispute!

Of sorts.
The Flat Tire Land Secretary of State argued in our defense, but as a new kingdom, well we got overpowered.
By Social Studies Land.
So I got kicked out of my room and had to move one door down.
To the New My Small Kingdom (NMSK):

The move wasn't so bad as we just dragged everything across the way.
Although I did lose some territory, mainly a large store room, I also relinquished the potential year long headache that came with it.
Diplomacy first, that's the Flat Tire Way.
Don't you know.
So I've been busy this past few days, what with moving and all.
The all part was tracking down all the stuff I need for the NMSK.
The computers were ordered last week but my cameras won't be until next.
Week that is.
The possibility that I may have to teach a photo class without the photo part looms in my near future.
I went in today to finish up on some more paper work and lesson stuff, but I also managed to catch the footballers in a scrimmage:

I'm looking forwards to shooting football and the other sports this year as I learned a lot taking bad pictures last year.
Okay, not really.
My indoor sports pictures were okay, but my football stuff really needed work.
I got me the Big Mama so that should help, but I think I'll leave the action shots to the kids and focus more on what's happening on the sidelines.
Well it was only a scrimmage and not much was going on so back to NMSK I went.
For some reason I can't fathom, each classroom is just a little different dimension wise.
The Old MSK had a slightly larger office; a storage cabinet won't fit in my new office.
I also think my new room is longer, which is a good thing.
If you know what I mean.
I think I'm almost done:

As I said, the new room is spacious, not as cramped in my old, old room.
Or maybe it's just the way I set things up.
We'll see how it is once the serfs show up.
Speaking of the serfs, I can't wait!
A kingdom isn't a kingdom without folks to torture, I mean teach so I'm really looking forwards to using my Jedi mind tricks.
In a good way I mean.
I've been thinking about what I did last year and I think I'm going to make some changes in the way I approach things.
More on this later.


Steve A said...

Two steps forward; one back...

limom said...

Sort of.
Hopefully it's all steps forwards from now on.