Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Late again.
So the Late Edition is going to be even later.
Than usual.
Not that it's ever posted up usually.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, yesterday we had a Green Recycling day over at school:

Bring all your crap!
The kids were working hard loading up all that uh, stuff:

Didn't look like we had as much uh, stuff as last year.
Last year we had a humungous mound of uh, stuff in the parking lot, so much that the students couldn't keep up with the loading.
I'll know how they feel as next weekend I'll be moving my uh, stuff.
I perused the bicycles:

You know, just in case.
More uh, stuff.
So I had to go in not to check out the uh, stuff, but to check out my new computers!

Freakin Finally!
I mean it's been like three weeks of school and lemme tell you I was just about out of makin' up uh, stuff to do.
Since the machines came in and I'm moving I brought in my printer, since the class printers are still somewhere in limbo land:

They might be on the way.
Then again, they might not.
Be on the way.
The printers I mean.
Now at least I can actually do some digital photography uh, stuff.
So I got me some flash drives cause I know we are going to be moving some files around:

Really cheap flash drives cause I just expect them to grow legs.
You know, and take a walk.
On their own.
To deter leg growth, I got me some fruit:

More on this later.
After running around today picking up a this and a that and setting up the files for the kids, I'm about ready to get out and go for a ride.
The last ride from the Flat Tire Temporary Command Center as next week I'll be setting up the New Flat Tire Command Center (NFTCC).
I gotta start boxing up my uh, stuff again, hopefully for the last time in a long time.
If you know what I mean.
Right now though, I'm really hungry and I've been thinking about that bento I ate a couple of weeks ago.
So off I go!
Late edition when I return.

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