Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Final

I'm sad.
I'm also sleepy.
More on this later.
So it's final.
The guy who's living in my new place came over to see this place and we'll soon be switching places.
I can hardly wait.
I mean that both seriously and sarcastically.
Anyways, after he left I figured I should get out a bit and look for some lunch.
So off I went!

It was a beautiful day, considering we got some storms a coming and going.
If you squint yer eyeballs you can see some piracy going on there.
I also watched this guy clean his boat a bit:

At first I though boy, it must be a pain having to clean your boat all the time.
Then I thought that on a day like this, it ain't so bad.
If you know what I mean.
Actually I came down to Kewalo Basin looking for a fishing boat that sunk last night.
It was nowhere in sight so either they already raised it or the harbor is pretty deep.
Anyways, I was getting hungry so I headed towards work:

We were hosting a volleyball tournament this weekend so I was hitting up the concession for some shoyu chicken.
That's soy sauce to you folks on the Continent.
I remember once when I was shorter, we spent a good ten minutes asking a waitress in Utah to bring some shoyu for our fish.
Soy sauce.
This is the sad part cause they were all sold out!
Talk about disappointed!
Thankfully they weren't sold out of this:

Cause lemme tell you, it was hot out there!
I also ate/drank a red one.
With a hotdog.
I watched the first games, and we lost so I was more sad and more hungry.
So off I went!
Quest for Food (QFF).
I picked something up along the way and headed back to the beach:

Can't believe I found an empty table.
To eat this:

A bento which consisted of some bobby cue beef, chicken, some kind of fish and piece of Spam.
Bento comes from Japanese sugar workers who packed their lunches in boxes.
Now it means any mixed lunch with rice sans gravy.
Sort of.
As I ate I watched this older gentleman patch his net:

This is something that used to be seen frequently being done in front yards and at well, the park.
Now the laws against net fishing have changed and I suppose it's becoming a lost art.
That's a throw net he's working on.
After looking at that picture again, he's not patching, he's making.
Anyways, after I ate that bento, I got sleepy.
Hawaiian paralysis.
I started thinking that the throw net would make a pretty nice hammock.
That's the sleepy part.
I headed on home.
At about 2.7 mph.
With the wind.
Okay, not really.
Okay, sort of.
Anyways, I gotta start packing.
After I take a nap.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Oh my dear patron saint of two wheeled picnicking that bento looks amazing. Yes I'll have two please.

limom said...

Two of those and you'll need to pack a hammock.
No really.