Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's Official!

So today was go the seminar day, not an off day but a working day getting some training so that I can teach them kids better.
Mostly it's boring but hey! if I can pick up one idea or new thing it's all good.
Unlike my camera:

That's some light leakage right there, a pretty bad case.
Not to worry though, I'm a gonna take care of that with this:

Got me some anti light leakage stuff.
It's adhesive backed really thin foamy stuff used for the light seals in the back of a camera.
It looks like there are only two seals in there, on the camera I mean, one on each side, but I gotta scrape off the old stuff before putting in the new.
That right there looks like it could fix about a hundred cameras cause them strips are really little and short.
Well I might need it cause:

That's right!
I am certifiably officially out of my mind!
There's your proof right there.
Like I need another camera, I went ahead and got me two more.
Sometimes I can't believe myself.
I do have a good explanation.

I got me the Nikon D7100 cause it's a crop sensor thingy and I needed a little more length in my lenses cause I'm a football shooting fiend!
Sort of.
It was either this, or get me a Canon lens for the kids and I figured it's my cashola so I might as well get something I can use too.
Besides, I'm racking up way too many actuations on my other camera so this one will be for shooting sports, mostly.
I'm also getting tired of lugging my other camera back and forth to work so I'll leave this one there.
The other is camera is my dream come true.
No really.

I think I've been eyeballing a Nikon FM2 every since there was a FM2.
Black and nasty don't you know.
If you squint yer eyeballs at the other picture you can see I also got me the motor drive.
I mean what's a fully manual camera without a little bit of automation?
You know, so I can blow through a roll of film in like ten seconds.
Seriously though, I've lusted after an FM2 for like forever and since I got a film camera, I figured I  might as well plunge and get the Cadillac.
So to speak.
Lemme tell you though, this is it.
No really.
Sort of.
The Flat Tire Command Center is moving at the end of the month and I'm a gonna have some major bills now so this is the end of Quest for Camera.
My wallet needs it.
On the other hand, there are a couple more pieces of glass I want, I mean need.
What's the use of having the camera if you don't have the glass?
I like the way you think Mr. Flat.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I always wanted a motor drive because of the sound it makes. Imitated, but never equalled!

RANTWICK said...

Um, dude, it was official a long time ago. Like me. Nice cams though!

limom said...

JRA, like music to my ears.

RANTWICK, I'm getting me a certificate.
Or maybe just sales receipts.

Steve A said...

Now, not QUITE getting off the subject - how is the 7100 better than the 5200? Other than the 5200 has a flippy LED and the 7100 doesn't?

limom said...

I haven't specced out the D5200 too much.
The reason I got the D7100 was the frames per second and the 1.3 crop feature.
Other than that, I don't think there's any other major difference between the two.
Besides price I mean.
Oh and the said LED screen.
I was thinking about the D5200 for a bit but since I was going to use this camera for sports, the 6 frames per seconds and additional crop factor sealed the deal. With my 200mm I should be getting images that look like they were taken with a 400mm.
I needed the additional "length."
Come to think about it, the D7100 may have a better newer generation auto focus thingy and that makes a difference too if you are shooting moving objects.
I think at this price point, you should think about what you are going to use the camera for in order to take advantage of any performance gains that come with the higher cost.
All of my gear was acquired with low light shooting in mind.
By the way, and I think most camera folks would agree: it's all in the glass.
Especially at 24 mp; put that kit lens on CL and get some nice glass.
Your pictures will thank you.
If I was just taking pictures, I would go D5200 and use the rest of the cash to get a 50mm f1.4 or 1.8 or lay out a bit more on one of them f4 zooms.