Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Final

So today was Quest For Bento (QFB) day.
Like the postman I braved gusting winds and hail and snow as I made my Sunday rounds.
Super sonic I was as my piston like legs powered me through traffic!
Okay, not really.
The Prevaricating Garmin was dead so I can exaggerate some.
Okay, a lot.
Anyways, I made a bee line for the bento place and was not disappointed:

It looks funky cause I had to stuff it in my cooler thingy sideways and everything got smooshed.
I got to decide when I'm gonna eat this thing on my rides.
I mean I could eat it on the way back, then I can just cruise on home.
Or I could eat it at the beginning of the ride, like I did today, and just cruise.
All day.
Cause all that food goes right to my legs and I can barely break double digit speeds when I'm done.
Hawaiian Paralysis don't you know.
I was nice to get out and eat leisurely, cause during school something is always happening and lunch is like a race against time.
Still, I manage:

Anyways, after I put that bento away, I sat around for a bit letting the slowness and sleepiness take over.
Then I saw this:

Nothing unusual about a dude taking a shower at the beach.
Hell, I've done it.
Back when I was trying to surf, we would dawn patrol and shower at the beach, soap and all, then head off to work.
This dude though, was brushing his teeth!
File that one in the just when you've thought you've seen it all thingy.
Well I got sort of bored with watching the wahine surfers so I headed off down the beach.
To uncharted territory.
Sort of.
I crossed the bridge into Waikiki proper and the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.
The Hilton Lagoon:

I worked at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for about a year and a half and the lagoon always puzzled me.
I mean you spend the big bucks and come to Hawaii and you go to a man made lagoon when there's like a real beach twenty yards away.
Then again, I suppose there's no sharks in the lagoon.
We used to call this area the heliport cause it's where they used to land well, helicopters.
Once in a while they use this place in Hawaii Five O for the shrimp wagon shots.
Rainbow Tower:

Lagoon the left, real beach on the right.
Rainbow is older than the rest of the hotel, but the views from the rooms are unprecedented.
Trust me.
Requisite Diamond Head shot:

Ti leaf tied to the bows of canoes for good luck.
This whole area brings back a lot o'memories for me as I used to hang out here a lot.
It's also changed some since back then, you know, in another life.
Back in high school, we used park back here and well, have some cold beverages at night.
Until the yacht people would call the popo and we'd have to leave.
The local constables were more lenient back then.
Ala Wai Yacht Harbor:

I would've stayed and waited for the sun to get lower, but I was getting sleepier by the minute so I headed on home.
Do my planning for the week don't you know.
I'll head on back some other day, especially since I'll only be about a mile or two away.
I'm sort of looking forwards to moving and exploring this whole area, especially since so much has changed.
It was nice to see that one of my old hangouts is still there.
More on that later.


Steve A said...

They landed helicopters in the lagoon?

limom said...

I want to say they did cause the helicopters with the pontoons used to use the helipad all the time.
Unfortunately no, the helicopters never landed in the lagoon.
At least not on purpose.
I think.

limom said...
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