Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Final

What to do today?
I could stay at home and watch season three of Battlestar Galactica.
Or I could go out and ride my bicycle.
I'll do the latter and come back to do the former.
So off I went!
At first I decided I was going out sans camera, but I couldn't help it, so I packed it along.
Not the small camera, that's always out with me, but the big camera.
I didn't want this to be a photo ride, I just wanted to ride and not think about anything else.
Back to Kakaako and the Banksy like bicycle thingys:

I was right across the office supply place and I held down an urge to go in and buy something.
No place to put it anyways.
To the beach!
Wait a minute, what's this?

Freakin pirates!
Or something.
I just sort of rode around enjoying the day.
Back to work tomorrow don't you know.
I took some pictures with the big camera, but I'm too lazy to upload them.
If they are any good, I'll post them up later.
I was going to stay for the sunset, but decided to head on back.
To Sand Island!

I waited there for a bit hoping a third one would appear, but no such luck.
Lemme tell you, that was one strong rainbow, the colors were really bright:

Anyways, I couldn't just stand there forever so I  moved on.
To another rainbow right in front of me:

It's a rainbow attack!
Or something.
Obligatory shadow shot:

The sun was getting pretty low and I wondered how the light would look against downtown Honolulu.
I've taken that shot many times and I still haven't gotten it right:

What's that?
Another freakin rainbow!
They are attacking!
Thankfully the sun got lower and the rainbows disappeared.
The parks here are full until it gets dark:

Enjoy it boys, back to school next week.
Tomorrow, Monday, it's only freshmen, everyone comes back on Tuesday.
I parked the Flat Tire Earth mobile and took in the last light of the day:

It's the second wave of the Attacking Rainbows!
We need like a anti rainbow thingy.
Or maybe just some clouds:

I swear I don't know what was going on with all them rainbows.
If it was the same rainbow, that has to be the longest I've ever seen one last cause from first one to the last one, about a half hour had elapsed.
Maybe it was just a rainbow kind of day.
An omen of good things to come.
I hope.
All in all I racked up 30 miles, though I had to circle the block to boost it a bit.
Not hard miles mind you, but good miles.
Then again every mile is good mile.
When you are riding a bicycle.

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