Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Rain, rain, rain.
Okay, not really.
Just really overcast and muggy.
Yesterday I mean.
So instead of suffering at home, I decided to go and suffer and work.
Cause I can't work at home.
Too many distractions like Law & Order, Battlestar Galactica, The Killing, etc.
Can't live with it, can't live without it.
Or something.
Anyways, I needed to use two computers cause trying to get my rosters straight was driving me crazy just using one.
Computer I mean.
So off I went:

My outside in the classroom desk, which I actually prefer.
It's closer to the action don't you know.
The reason two screens are better than one is that we have one 'official' thingy which takes attendance and quarterly grades and another thingy which takes the day to day grades.
Our rosters have been changing daily what with class transfers and all and I was having a hard time keeping up so I needed to sync up both to make sure I had the right bodies in the right classes.
It's so messed up right now, not even the bodies are sure they're in the right place.
Well now, at least on paper, they should be.
Then I had to secure a filing cabinet:

This is where we'll be keeping the high value stuff.
I think.
What I mean is I learned yesterday that not all filing cabinets are created equally as there are legal sized ones and letter sized ones.
If you squint yer eyeballs you can see the legal sized one right behind.
Sadly none of my locking file cabinets lock, so I had to improvise.
For a minute I wondered if I was defacing State property, but only for a minute.
Make that more like a second.
Well I hemmed and hawed on which one would be better but I was lazy and didn't feel like switching them around so I just put the lock thingy on the smaller one:

I knew my cold working metal shop skilz would come in handy one day.
Instead of using the supplied sheet metal screws I pop riveted the thingys on.
Looks a little cleaner:

Than the filing cabinet.
Which looks like it was hauled out of the depths of the ocean like from the Titanic.
It actually works pretty good though thank you.
Hopefully soon I'll actually have something to put in there.
If you know what I mean.
I haven't got any word on the cameras and haven't seen a purchase order yet, so it may be a while.
What this lack of resources means is that all my planning for the year goes out the window with a view.
I hadn't really planned anything for the second year photo kids but not having any equipment makes it harder to make things up on the fly.
The entertainment value of my class right now is a big fat zero.
Maybe I need clown suit.
Or some Groucho glasses.
Or something.
Actually, I do need some Groucho glasses!
Off to the eVilness I go.

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