Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flat Tire 96

So on Sunday I started a new project.
Riding the laurels of the Flat Tire 66 camera, I decided to make one in a 6x9 format.
Gathering the goods:

The design is basically the same, just longer width wise to accommodate the spools and the longer format.
I decided though to change the film transport to make it one piece and top loading:

I'm using maple by the way.
The one piece transport means I can load the film outside the camera then stuff the whole thing in and go!
Makes loading and unloading a lot easier:

The focal length is 50mm which is longer than the FT66, to accommodate the wider format.
I put on a prototype shutter and off I went!

Serious light leakage!
I got like laser beams in my camera!
Okay, I thought it was coming from the frame indicator window in the rear; I should have inspected the negatives before doing another test roll.
I put a slice of red plexi in front of the window and off I went!

Still leaking.
The straightness of the leak has me worried.
There's also a bit of symmetry in some of the others that has me more worried.
So I need to light proof the camera and set up a permanent shutter before I take it out again.
Stay tuned.


Chandra said...

The camera looks beautiful. You are onto something special here dude. Nicely done!
PS. I am reminded of bagels when I look at the first photo :)

limom said...