Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Final

Get it?
Monday Final?
There was no Sunday Final and today is Monday and Sunday and Monday rhyme.
Monday.  Sunday.
Anyways testing of the Flat Tire 66 goes on:

Still having some trouble hand held, but if I get the camera on the ground it looks pretty good!
Even if I do say so myself.
I pretty good at that.
Self promotion.
I still have what I thought was a light leak in the corner.
I'm pretty sure that now that it's a shadow caused by the shutter thingy:

I did shave it down some and it looks like the shadow got smaller.
I didn't think that it would make such an impact being so far away from the center of the pinhole, and I did measure the angle of the field of view but I guess it does.
Make a difference I mean.
So out came the Dremelicious:

More testing tomorrow.
If that doesn't work then I think it's the image cast by the pinhole just missing the image frame.
The pinhole casts a circular image and I measured the diameter just so.
I need to give a little more leeway next time just in case.
More pics:

It does pretty well on the ground so I need to make some feets and a tripod mount.
Still thinking about how to execute it but I got some ideas.
Also thinking about adding a strap, you know, so I can hang it around my neck.
For stability don't you know.
Once I add the feet and the mount I can try some night shots.
More on that later.


Chandra said...

I particularly enjoyed the last photo; with the boat in the scene and the reflection of sun in the water. Very bueno!

Peace :)

Steve A said...

"Monday Monday" didn't the Mommas and Poppas write a song about Mondays?

limom said...

Chandra - thanks!
Steve A. - maybe.