Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

Well I did some modifications to the FT66.
I blacked out all the insides and added a felt gasket thingy surrounding the back door.
Looks like it worked:

These cameras don't do so well hand held.
I also fixed up the shutter thingy so that it has positive stops both open and closed and it seems to have helped my camera shake a bit.
Speaking of the shutter, notice that bit o'black in the top right corner?
I thought it was a light leak in the other pictures but now I believe it's the shutter causing a shadow:

See how the shutter doesn't completely clear the circle?
Well as long as it clears the inner ring it should be okay for inner ring is measured for the field of view.
Well apparently it's close enough to cast a shadow so I've sanded it down to clear both rings and will test it out later today.
I also went out and tried the panorama view on the Zero Image 135:

I got a nice little pocket tripod for it and used the cable release to help steady everything up:

Not too bad!
I like the field of view.
Now I just gotta figure out how to use it.
These pinhole cameras are a bunch of fun and add a different aspect to my photography.
I still need to take them out at night and see how they do.
More on that later.
Today there's some things I need to do so I need to get the cameras ready.
Off I go!

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