Saturday, July 5, 2014

Making Do

Which is what I'm well, doing.
Moving into a smaller place has some benefits but it also has it's downside, especially for the likes of me.
No place to do what I usually do.
So I've had to improvise.
For the last month or so I've been thinking about trying some pinhole photography.
You know, the kind where you just poke a hole in something and expose the film.
Well I went and ordered a pinhole camera, more on that later, but at the same time I explored the DIY side and found it's quite simple to just make your own.
Camera I mean.
I got wood:

That, believe it or not is a probably a couple hundred bucks worth of cocobolo and bokote wood.
Every time I'd hit up the wood place, I'd pick up a little bit and I guess it all added up.
Ready to go.
Except I'm not going to experiment with the good stuff.
If you know what I mean.
So I picked up some walnut, not exactly cheap either, to see what I could do.
I spent the last couple of nights making plans:

Thankfully I can sketch it out full sized.
There's also a pinhole camera calculator site that helped out tons.
So anyways I'm ready to go!
I need me some tools!
Okay, I got tools, but where can I put them and work?

Sometimes you gotta just do what you gotta do.
I hope there's no regulation against power tools here.
Well I'm getting better with the band saw; lemme tell you there's nothing like a table saw when you need straight cuts.
Thank you Dremel!
You know, to fix up all the crooked parts.

I'm pinning all the sides in place before gluing.
The next one I do will have some dovetails; I tried to keep this one simple.
I still need to figure out the film advance knobs and I got the actual pinholes coming in.
The pinholes I ordered are cut out of stainless steel and they come as a set so I'm thinking maybe I can change them out.
My design was originally for multiple formats, but I've run into some design problems basically because I'm limited by what I can do.
I mean I've solved the problems, I just can't execute them well.
Right now.
So anyways, I'll be working on this project for a few more days then we can see how well I did.
Next week the camera I ordered should be in so maybe I can steal some design ideas.
Borrow I mean.

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