Friday, July 25, 2014

Stealing Time

So I went out with the FT96 to try some night shots again.
I made some mods to try and take care of the light leaks and did some testing before going out into Prime Time.

Both of those exposures were about six to eight minutes long.
Which is the interesting about pinhole photography: the length of time you need to take a picture.
You sit, or stand there waiting while the shutter is open watching time go by:

It became obvious to me in that photo above.
Instead of capturing that one split second, you have a chance to document a rather large, in photography, chunk of time.
Not just freezing a moment, but a substantial block.
This is new.
To me anyways.
Back to that picture above.
It intrigues me that it contains six or seven minutes of time.
Time that has passed, time that I captured.
Or stole.
So with that in mind, and with a bit more experience with this long exposure business, out I went again:

First the tech.
I think I permanently fixed that light leak I was getting.
In some of the images, I can't believe it was taken with a camera with no lens!
Pretty sharp if I do say so myself.
I need to get my tripod thingy going so I can take the camera off the ground, I got a thing coming in that should help.
What kind of light makes a huge difference in the exposure.
Intensity and direction etc. must be taken into account and adjustments made.
In all those images above, I tried to capture folks walking about.
As in any long exposure, most moving things disappear, they don't stay still long enough for the camera to catch an image.
Or the light is not intense enough to leave an image.
Movement in photos in some cases are the only way to mark time.
The photos only look like snapshots, and not the long exposures they actually are.
A problem I need to solve.
Anyways, the FT96 is working great!
Now on to the next great thing:

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