Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Sort of.
I mean it does work.
So anyways, I got all my parts together this morning and put the final touches on the pinhole camera:

Okay, not final final touches.
The shutter is a prototype and I'll probably change it out:

I've found a way to use the dowel/studs there as stops for open and close.
Which I need since this thing takes one second pictures in bright sunlight.
Opening and closing the shutter manually a steady camera does not make.
If you know what I mean.
The rear opens and closes via hinges and a hook thingy:

The wood isn't as warped as it looks, most of it is camera distortion.
Like the pictures I got:

The first picture from my home-brew camera!
Taken from my lanai.
The camera is leaking light like a sieve even though I put in some seals:

The sticky stuff on the seals aren't very good so I need to replace them with the stuff I stuck inside my bicycle helmet.
Here's a two shot thingy showing the different exposures and light leaks:

I'm resting the camera on top of the fence at the park.
I'm not sure were that vertical leak is coming from; very puzzling.
I also painted the light box black to prevent reflections:

I don't know why but the light baffles are uneven.
I matched them before I put them in, but something went goofy and now one is a bit lower than the other.
Still, for my first time I think it came out pretty good:

I still cannot believe pictures are coming from that small little pinhole!

Every focal length has an optimum pinhole size, this one is .259mm.
That's right really small puka fans!
A pin hole!
Another source of extraneous light is the rear, the exposure counter:

To take the test shots I just taped a red filter on it and it was pretty bright in there.
I got some plexi coming in and I'll do some other mods to the window to cut down the light.
I also made some errors in the optical formula, stuff I'll fix on the next camera, which will be 6x9.
I learned a lot making this thing, let's call it the Flat Tire 66 (FT66), the next one will be better.
Don't you know.

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